Best 409A Valuation Providers in USA: A 409A valuation is an article also called FMV “fair market value”. It is a method used in the United States to determine the value of fair market of a company’s common stocks for the purpose of issuing stock options or other equity-based compensation to employees. It is named after Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code. There are many startups that are looking for 409A Valuation Provider Services, so in this article we will help you with the list to choose the best among the top 409A Valuation Companies in USA.

A 409A valuation is typically conducted by a third-party valuation firm or an independent appraiser who considers various factors to determine the fair market value of the company’s stock. These factors may include financial statements, industry trends, comparable company analysis, the company’s stage of development, intellectual property, market opportunity, and other relevant information. Today multifarious Top 409A valuation providers in USA, in this blog, we mention the top 10 409A valuation service providers that offer you the best services.

Find Out The List of Best Companies That Offer 409A Valuation Service in USA

Here’s the list of Best 409A Valuations Providers Services in USA, this list is prepared after doing research about the company’s offering, their key features, experience, expertise, certifications, number of clients, etc.

Sharp 409A

If you want to get a 409A valuation with speedy turnaround times then Sharp 409A is the best choice for you that gave a 409A valuation in just 2 days. It is well known leading 409A Valuation Providers in USA, that is supported by qualified professionals to help firms reduce the time and Valuation Cost.

It was established in the year of 2014 and it has been valuing the biggest startups and industries around the world like medical devices, IoT, clean-tech, blockchain, software, Lifescinces, healthcare, semiconductors, and emerging technologies. To do unmistakable work it uses an optimal mix of technologies and expert analysis to deliver accurate, accelerated, and effective 409A Valuation Report.

  • Sharp 409A is the first company to offer a unique Microsoft Excel-based exhaustive OPM, PWERM, and Hybrid allocation software to perform IRC 409A valuations efficiently and with greater accuracy
  •  Sharp 409A is an innovative company in the USA, the partners of this dynamic team are CPA & Accounting firms, Captable service providers, accelerators & Incubators, Investors and VCs, Lawyers, etc.
  • Sharp 409A designed industry-standard valuation models that have been adopted by major audit firms worldwide making it the Best 409A valuation provider in the USA.
  • Sharp 409A is an independent and unbiased provider in the USA, that offers an objective assessment of the fair market value (FMV) of the company’s stock.

Helpful Review For Sharp 409A

Sharp 409A went above and beyond for two important valuations we needed to perform for our audit. They made sure to understand our business and equity structure, and worked diligently with us and our auditors in order to meet a tight deadline. I highly recommend their work.

Kendall Partie – Homer Learning, Controller, Education Technology


Carta is a famous platform that offers an enormous range of valuation services in USA for equity management, including 409A valuations. They have a user-friendly interface and provide valuation services to assist companies in complying with Section 409A and determining the fair market value of their stock. As one of the trusted 409A Valuation Companies in USA, it has a strong grasp of tax regulations, specifically Section 409A, and ensures compliance with relevant accounting standards which has placed it in our list of top 409A Valuation Providers in USA.

  • They stay updated on regulatory changes and have processes in place to ensure accurate and compliant valuations.
  • Employ rigorous and well-documented valuation methodologies.
  • Conduct comprehensive data analysis and research to support their valuation conclusions.

Helpful Review For Carta

Love how Carta automatically updates me as to when I have more vested options and shows a progress bar as to how far I still have to go for all of my stock options to vest.

Mallory R. – Senior Paid Advertising Specialist

Equity Methods

Equity Methods is counted in the listing of the Best 409A Valuation Providers in USA. They have a strong reputation for their expertise in equity plan design, accounting, valuation, and reporting. They work with both private and public companies to provide accurate and comprehensive 409A valuations. They as proficient to understand the relevant tax regulations, accounting standards, and valuation methodologies specific to equity compensation.

  • reputation for credibility and integrity in its valuation practices.
  • The pricing structure is very affordable.
  • It never negotiates in the valuation services.

Best 409A Valuation Providers in USA

Helpful Review For Equity Methods

Great working environment with a lot of freedom and flexibility, Co-workers are genuine and incredibly smart, Great experience earner



Solium, now part of Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, is popular for its comprehensive equity compensation management solutions. They offer 409A valuation services in the USA and have professionals of valuation experts who can offer accurate valuations for private companies. They being one of the top 409A Valuation Companies in USA use reliable and accepted approaches, such as income-based methods, market-based comparisons, or asset-based methods, tailored to the specific circumstances of equity compensation valuations.

  • Expertise and Experience
  • Independence and Credibility
  • Robust Methodologies
  • Compliance and Regulations

Helpful Review For Solium

Ability to share with our Attorneys and Accountants. Ability to quickly pull data and reports for outside Funds and Auditors. Self-serve option portal for Employees.

James M.

Armanino LLP

Being in the listing of Best 409A valuation providers in USA, Armanino is a well-organized professional services firm that offers a variety of financial and valuation services. They provide 409A valuations services in the USA to assist companies in determining the fair market value of their stock options and other equity-based. Compensation. They consider several factors such as the company’s financial performance, market conditions, industry trends, and relevant comparable transactions or companies.

  • Independence and unbiased approach.
  • Robust and well-documented valuation methodologies.
  • Access to reliable and up-to-date market data.
  • Strong understanding of accounting standards related to equity compensation.
  • Compliance-oriented approach to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Helpful Review For Armanino LLP

Learned a lot and was a good place to start. Friendly people and good culture. Like all public accounting, hours are long during busy season. Experience was good.

Los Angeles – Senior Tax Accountant


Mercer is one of the best global consulting 409A Valuation Companies in USA that offers a range of services, including valuation services for equity compensation. They have a team of valuation experts who can assist companies with 409A valuations and provide comprehensive advice on equity-related matters. As the best 409A valuation provider in the USA, it runs transparent processes and offers clear documentation that supports its valuation conclusions.

Helpful Review For Mercer

Busy but fun staff. Great training and learning on line and in person. Management is fair.
Good place to work for all. The hardest part of the job was leaving. The many years I worked there.

Chicago – Underwriter


KPMG is one of the “Best 409A valuation providers in USA” accounting firms and offers valuation services, including 409A valuations. They have a dedicated team of valuation professionals that makes the best efforts to satisfy all your demand. The Team offers responsive and proactive client support. It provides expertise in determining the fair market value of a company’s stock for equity compensation purposes.

  • Effective communication skills to explain complex valuation concepts.
  • Proactive client support and responsiveness.
  • Strong reputation and positive feedback from clients.
  • Cost-effectiveness and value for the services provided

Helpful Review For KPMG

I like that they are easy to work with, fairly priced and always on time with deliverables. I can’t think of anything negative at this time. KPMG solves a lot of our accounting needs for our organization.

John M. – IT admin


Eqvista is a prominent top 409A valuation service provider in the USA, The 409A valuation services by providing by them are cost-effective, audit-ready, accurate, and completed in a short term of time. A dedicated member would stick with you throughout the whole process. This will allow you to focus on your business, instead of worrying about the company’s valuation.

  • Transparency and Documentation
  • Client Support
  • Communication

Helpful Review For Eqvista

Simple to use Cover most (or all) your needs at the Seed Stage level Free option up to 20 shareholders Progressive pricing per shareholder Cheap 409a valuation Reactive team Well-documented.

Fred C. – CEO (Information Technology and Services)


Deloitte is the best valuation provider in the USA. They not only offer high-quality 409A valuation reports but also offer services at affordable prices. They know how important it is to get a 409A valuation and it can be costly, which is why their services prices are super affordable in order to help your company with its valuation needs.

Helpful Review For Deloitte

They were able to align the different teams and departments to help us better understand what matters for each group.

Poya O. – Revenue Leader


BDO USA LLP is one of the Best 10 409A valuation providers in the USA, team is built of experienced valuation analysts who have performed valuations for companies of all stages and sizes. For each valuation, a dedicated in-house analyst handles everything from getting your information to sharing updates and answering your questions throughout the process.

  • Expertise in equity compensation valuation.
  • In-depth knowledge of tax regulations, specifically Section 409A.
  • offer accurate valuations for private companies.

Helpful Review For BDO USA LLP

It was a great working environment. I was able to learn the foundations of IT accounting. The only change I would prefer would be different benefits that are provided.

Student Worker